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The following letter to the editor was originally published in the Batavia Daily News on August 20, 2022.

To the Editor:

The first time I came to the United States, I went to a farm in Delaware, then I went to Florida. I met people where I worked and they said it’s good to work in New York. So, that’s why I came here in 1994.

At My-T Acres, Inc. we raise vegetables and grain. I decided to work on the farm because I wanted to work as many hours as possible to make money for my needs and my family’s needs. I raised my sons here. Working more hours has allowed me to buy my own home and support my family. I could also afford to send my older son to St. John Fisher, where he graduated a few years ago.

I like agriculture because every day is different. We have a short growing season in New York and for us to plant, care for and harvest our crops we are very busy in spring, summer and fall. Winter is when we can slow down and enjoy ourselves. The farm is great and they pay me well and they pay me retirement. I like what I do and I don’t want to do anything else or have to get another job.

I came to Albany in 2019 and asked politicians to listen to us. We left the farm to tell them what we wanted. We came to Albany and there were a lot of us. I feel like they did not listen. I want them to listen now. We want 60 hours.

Alfredo Mejia

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