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“Family farms across New York State congratulate Antonio Delgado on being sworn in as the state’s new Lieutenant Governor. While representing the 19th Congressional District, Lieutenant Governor Delgado made numerous farm visits to speak with farmers and farmworkers, discussed challenges faced by our agriculture industry, and even wrote a letter to Governor Hochul to express disapproval regarding the Farm Laborers Wage Board and its recommendation to lower the overtime threshold.

This is an elected leader who listens to New Yorkers, takes action to support the next generation of farmers and farmworkers, and makes an effort to understand the complexities of our fragile food system and help underserved populations. We look forward to working together to ensure a future for family farms in New York State.”



To date, more than 150 organizations representing New York’s agriculture industry, including the New York Apple Association, New York Association of Agricultural Educators, New York Farm Bureau, New York State Vegetable Growers Association, Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance, Northeast Dairy Producers Association, and other family farms and ag-related businesses, have joined the Grow NY Farms Coalition. Visit to learn why family farms and farmworkers are asking Governor Kathy Hochul to maintain the current overtime threshold at 60 hours.   

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