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Call Governor Kathy Hochul and Ask Her to #StayAt60

We must tell Governor Hochul that any threshold below 60 hours will be detrimental to the viability of New York family farms, and their employees. If the threshold is lowered, there will be consequences felt throughout our rural communities and within our local food systems.

Fill the Governor’s voicemail with voices of farmers and farmworkers.

Please invite your family members, employees, and any business partners who want to lend their voice to this effort, to call the Governor and ask her to stay at 60. Whatever time of day works for you – 5 a.m., Noon, 5 p.m., every call counts. Power in numbers!

Action Item 1: Call Governor Kathy Hochul

Option #1: Call the Governor’s Office at 518-474-8390.  After hearing the call options, select 3 to hear more options.  Then select 1 to leave a voice message.  If you’re calling between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can select 2 to speak with a representative.

Option #2: You can fax a letter to 518-474-3767, or email the Governor through our website at:

Action Item 2: Share photos of you and your employees on the phone on social media

Have someone take a photo of you, your family members, the next generation on the farm, and your employees, while on the phone. Share these photos on social media and tell your followers why you’re calling Governor Kathy Hochul to ask her to keep the overtime threshold at 60 hours. Use the hashtag #StayAt60!

Key Talking Points:

  • Governor Hochul must keep the threshold at 60 hours.
  • For months, farmers and farmworkers have been sharing the financial impact a lower threshold would have on their families and agribusinesses.
  • Most importantly, farmworkers have shared their concern about losing hours and income, saying they would have to get a second job or look for jobs out of state if the threshold was lowered below 60 hours.
  • The very people the policy claims to help, will lose in the end.

Example Social Media Post:

I called @GovKathyHochul today and asked her to keep the OT threshold at 60 hours for New York farms. My family, employees, and the local businesses we support will lose out if this change goes through. #StayAt60



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