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Digital Advocacy Effort Aims to Amplify Voice of 35,000 New York Farms

A group of New York’s growers, farmers and agribusiness leaders today announced the establishment of Grow NY Farms – a coalition sharing the common concerns affecting New York’s farm community. The group was formed to build awareness of the impact these businesses have on local communities, the various products that are provided to families across the Northeast as a result of these farms, and the current state of New York’s agricultural workforce.

The group’s first step was to create a Twitter account used to share a digital perspective to New York’s agricultural community that includes 35,000 farms, 160,000 jobs, and 7.2 million acres of land.

“During the first days of spring, we look forward to a positive growing season that links our outlook for a strong vibrant future with a history and tradition that reflects our core values,” said Brian Reeves, President of the New York State Vegetable Growers Association. “As our seasonal workforce arrives over the next few weeks, we will begin planting locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers for gardening, while our counterparts continue to produce some of the highest quality beef, pork, poultry and dairy products found throughout the Northeast.”

The group is committed to providing New Yorkers with a line of sight to the actions and activities of New York’s farm community.  Grow NY Farms’ Twitter handle is: @GrowNYFarms.

“Each year our state officials carefully consider a variety of issues impacting New York’s agriculture community. We invite them to visit our farms, learn about our economic impact, and enjoy the beauty of the state’s diverse agribusinesses. And, if your schedule does not immediately permit it – follow us on Twitter,” Reeves said.

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